An EnDEERing Sight!

Deer 5As  I walked through the living room I just glanced out the window and noticed a deer in the front yard.  I dashed into the kitchen and called to Don “come and look out the window, there is a doe in the front yard”.

Deer 1 fixed

We both went quietly into the garage where the  view was closer and more discrete out of the windows of the garage doors.  There she was, a real beauty, and then “look Don here comes a fawn”, and then “look there’s another one”.  And as if on cue, another doe came into the yard, and “oh my gosh there’s another fawn”.  What a sight!

The fawns romped around together until one of the mothers separated them and then the second doe and her fawn walked around the picket fence for a little snack on blueberries while the first doe and her twins dined on clover in the yard before proceeding up to the blackberries for dessert.

I summoned our Australian guests who happened to have a camera ready and we just stood there watching in awe as the deer made their way past the blackberries and up the driveway until we could no longer see them.

Life is good here at Mallard Cove.