A Bumper Crop of Raspberries

We planted our first two one gallon plants of raspberries in the spring three or four years ago.  That fall there were more little berry plants but no berries.  The next spring we put up some iron posts and galvanized fencing and tied the berry plants up to to it.  That fall we got a few berries and lots more little plants and then in the spring we had more plants.  Well, it was apparent that the raspberry plants were going to outgrow their space but we put up with the crowded mess until fall when we finally got some berries.  It’s hard to say how many we got.  The deer got the ones on the top, the grandchildren got the ones in the middle and the dogs got the ones on the bottom.  Don and I got the ones that they didn’t find.  Clearly if we were ever going to get some in the freezer something had to be done.

In the spring of 2013, at the worst possible time,  we took out all the berries and transplanted them along side the picket fence in our organic garden.  The hope was that the plants would get more sun and protection from the four legged pests and if we kept the gate closed, the two legged pests wouldn’t get them either.  We bedded the plants down  with mushroom compost and provided a soaker hose to keep them watered. The plants grew tall but there were few berries last fall.  We dutifully thinned them and tied them up on wire supports.  

Our persistance has been rewarded.  We have a bumper crop of raspberries.  There are twenty five quarts of berries in the freezer, some of which will be used to make raspberry sorbet for our bed and breakfast guests. We graze as we work in the garden and the grandchildren get their fill as well. 

Life is good here at The Inn at Mallard Cove.